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Spine Health Physiotherapy opened in 2010, as a unique clinic Specializing in the highly effective McKenzie Method for Back, Neck and Extremity Joint Problems.


The vast majority of people will suffer from significant and ongoing symptoms in their life and yet fail to get better despite applying a variety of well-known treatments including Chiropractic, Osteopathy and conventional Physiotherapy.


The McKenzie Method offers a better way!

Please watch this short 3 min video clip to see how it works and what we do.
80-90% of patients respond with the McKenzie Method, and need on average just 3-4 consultations!

The benefits of the McKenzie Approach at Spine Health:

  •  Our initial consultation is 60 mins (most clinics do 20-30 mins)     
  • A thorough assessment means we give you an accurate diagnosis, explain how you developed your problem, and outline what you need to do to resolve your pain and restore function
  • 80-90% of people respond and can be usually confirmed in your first session (so you can quickly determine if you will benefit)
  • Save time and money as you will not come to us for "maintenance" as you will learn how to ease your symptoms with specific exercises, and be able to prevent recurrences
  • The McKenzie Assessment process is superior, and has been shown by research to be at least as reliable at diagnosing painful discs than expensive imaging like MRI and CT scans


Call us for an appointment on 1300 663 690, or you can book online on our easy to use booking system.


Spine Health Physiotherapy

P: 1300 663 690

F: 03 9923 6089