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Melissa Freedman

A registered psychotherapist, Melissa has a Master’s Degree in Counselling and Psychotherapy and is registered with the Psychotherapy and Counselling Federation of Australia (PACFA), and the Australian Counselling Association (ACA).

Melissa’s thesis topic “Life After School”, explored factors that contributed to developing resilience in students as they navigated the transition from school to university as emerging young adults.

As a counsellor in a school environment, she uses her interest and experience in achieving positive academic and personal outcomes for students, including preparing and supporting those studying VCE.

When appropriate Melissa works closely with parents, recognising this period of transition is often a challenging time for families.

Melissa uses a range of evidenced based approaches, tailoring the therapy to best suit the individual needs of her clients.

Melissa has trained in Emotionally Focussed Couples Therapy (EFCT), a clinically proven approach to couples counselling. Whether a relationship is in crisis or there is discontent, counselling provides the opportunity for positive healthy relationships to develop and be nurtured.

Mature, empathic and confident, Melissa has established a strong reputation for a steady and considerate communication style, her ability to make relevant assessments and for assisting clients to better manage their personal relationships, emotions, and life challenges.

Melissa can be contacted on 0411 485-048or via email

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